One of the most pro-active mining jurisdictions in the world

The Madagascar government is pro mining, welcoming outside investments in the country's infrascture and overall economy.  The mining codes are based in the philosophy that businesses with sound mining practises such as DNI, shall not be hindered in their development but in fact, supported along the way.  The government likes to work one on one with their investors from the application process up to senior members of the government.  DNI has had several upper level government officials visit their Vohitsara property as part of their positive working relationship with the government.  

$9 billion spent by other mining companies

Over the past ten years investment in the mining industry of Madagascar by outside sources has amounted to approximately $9 billion dollars.  Some of those investors to name a few are the likes of Sheritt International, Sumotomo, and Rio Tinto.


Only found in certain areas of the world, such as in limited parts of Madagascar (see the DNI Properties location), and parts of Brazil, saprolite is a specific type of weathered rock where there is no drilling or blasting mining requirements for commercial production.  This rock can be simply dug up with an excavator and moved with a dump truck, obviously reducing the mining costs significantly as compared to hard rock deposits found all over the world.  Typically heard of in China and North America hard rock deposits have incredibly difficult and complicated mining processes that are extremely cost ineffective.  The properties owned by DNI are made up of, on average, 30 meters of saprolitic graphite infused weather rock. 


Central Location

The island of Madagascar sits directly amongst some of the world's existing major shipping routes (see below (insert pic)).  These routes travel directly to Asia, Europe and North America.


In 2016, a Japanese Company looking to seek the rewards of successful port ownership saw the potential in Madagascar and it's exports and invested $500 million USD in an expansion project that got underway almost immediately.  The Madagascar port is already one of the best ports in all of Africa and this expansion project will see it rival other countries.  


Madagascar has a long proven history of successful commercial production of graphite.  Fact; China only imports graphite from two countries, Madagascar and North Korea