Daniel J. Weir, Executive Chairman

Dan has worked for over 20 years at some of the top financial firms in Canada. He worked as an Institutional Equity Trader, and as a broker he managed over $500 million. Before joining DNI in November 2014, he was the Head of Institutional Sales at a boutique firm focused on financing Mining companies. Having raised millions of dollars, both public and privately, Mr. Weir has expertise at evaluating and financing mining deals. Dan has managed large high tech electrical and energy management projects, having put himself through University as an Electrician. Dan graduated from University of Toronto.

John Carter, Director

Mr. Carter is currently the CEO of Northern Sphere Mining. Has over 35 years experience in the metals and mining industries. Mr. Carter specializes in the engineering design and manufacturing of mineral processing equipment for mining operations and operators such as Timcal Inc., currently the largest natural graphite mining company in North America. John has built over 200 mineral processing plants around the world, including 3 graphite processing plants.

Keith Minty, P.Eng. MBA, Director

Keith has more than 30 years professional experience in mineral resource exploration and development in precious and base metals, industrial minerals. Mr. Minty obtained extensive graphite technical and operating experience at both North Coast Industries (now Northern Graphite Corporation) Bissett Creek Graphite and Cal Graphite Corporation (now Ontario Graphite Inc.) Kearney graphite mine and has experience of in the development of several past and new Sri Lanka graphite projects. Mr. Minty has had the opportunity of conducting Madagascar precious metals project valuations and is knowledgeable of the political and social requirements associated with Madagascar project development and operations.

Peter Eriksson, Country Manager - Brazil

Mr. Eriksson is the Managing Director of SR Brazil., in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He has lived in Brazil since 1993, and is fluent in Portuguese and English. Prior to moving to Brazil from Canada, Mr. Eriksson was the VP Business Development at Longview Capital. He has over 18 years in the natural resource industry. He managed a very successful Brazilian Import/Export Business.