Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. on "Lithium" Batteries...

"Our cells should (actually) be called Nickel-Graphite, (there’s) a little bit of lithium in there, but it’s like the salt on the salad”

Little known fact: The anode component of a "lithium" battery is composed of 100% carbon Graphite.


Expandable Large Flake Graphite

Expandable large flake graphite markets include: construction materials, fuel cells, gaskets and foil. This could grow larger than the graphite used in lithium-ion batteries.


Fine Flake Graphite 

By 2030, fine flake graphite demand for lithium-ion batteries will soar to 852,000 tons a year from just 13,000 tons in 2015* market. 


Sizes of Graphite

Large or jumbo flake graphite expands better than small flake graphite, commanding much higher margins. It is more cost-effective to manufacture. 200% more energy is needed to produce 1 ton of synthetic graphite. 


DNI Graphite

DNI will mine all types of graphite. We have a larger percentage of large and jumbo flake graphite - the economical, environmentally friendly component required to fuel our clean energy revolution and to build safer, healthier environments. 


The world is responding...

South Korean, Chinese and Japanese governments are recommending and potential legislating the use of flame retardant building materials in future building construction. This will drive strong demand for expandable graphite.



Why Madagascar?

Over the past 5 years an estimated $9 billion has been invested in Madagascar by major mining companies including Sherritt, Kores, Sumitomo and Rio Tinto. Our two projects are 50km to a port, close to the coast and highway so the products can be transported out relatively simply and inexpensively. Certain parts of Madagascar (central/east coast) have high grade graphite deposits hosted in Saprolite - soft or friable rock - and it requires no drilling, blasting, simply dig up the material with an excavator. It is a much more economical alternative to hard rock which is found in places like China and Canada which is more expensive to process.


Our Projects

Our projects are located in east central Madagascar, straddling the paved national highway. The major deep water port Toamasina is 50 kilometres up the highway from the property which handles 90% of Madagascar’s container traffic and 80% of all trade traffic.


Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to building a business that is respectful of the communities we operate in. We do what we can to create infrastructures that help our business to thrive while managing social and environmental impacts. We strive to create mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships with people, clients and communities aligned with our values and long-term goals.  


Investment Highlights

Our team, our property, our existing infrastructure and our successful track record of building strong client relationships are some of the key beneficial factors of this project.


Dedicated to the Clean Energy Revolution

We need to make some huge shifts to protect our planet from further environmental damage. We're proud to be a company that supplies graphite - the largest component of a lithuim-ion battery, the "fuel" for electric cars. This is one way we know we are making an impact and we are honoured to be a positive contributor to the clean energy movement.