Alberta Black Shale Metals Projects
Athabasca Region Alberta, Canada

DNI Metals Inc. is exploring metal enriched black shales over its  northeast Alberta land position to delineate bulk mineable mineral resources as a long term source to Base Metals, Uranium, Specialty Metals and Rare Earth Elements which are recoverable by heap leaching. DNI has  advanced one of the polymetallic Zones identified on its Property, the Buckton Zone, through a Preliminary Economic Assessment Study reporting positive economics for the 4.5 billion tonne Buckton Deposit extending over 21.9 km2 containing Ni-U-Zn-Cu-Co-REE-Y. DNI is also evaluating recovery of co-product Scandium from the Buckton Deposit..

DNI has also delineated a 548 million short ton maiden inferred resource extending over a 3.3 km2 portion of the Buckton South Zone, representing the second mineral resource delineated on the Property. DNI is evaluating the potential of its polymetallic black shales as a long term source of Molybdenum, Nickel, Uranium, Vanadium, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Specialty Metals (Scandium, Lithium and Thorium) and Rare Earth Elements. [more..]


Diamond Camp
Attawapiskat, James Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada

DNI Metals Inc. also holds one of the most prospective land positions in the Attawapiskat, diamond area, Ontario. DNI's holdings are strategically situated adjacent to DeBeers' Victor Diamond Mine, and in the same structural corridor.

DNI Metals Inc. (formerly Dumont Nickel Inc.) is a Canadian corporation listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Its affairs are directed by management who are substantial shareholders, and all of its properties are under active exploration.  [more..]

Safe Harbour Statement

July 11, 2014